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When executives strategically plan correctly, the process is an indispensable management tool. When executives plan improperly, the process is a waste of time - or worse.

As John says, "90% of making something happen involves making yourself available." When an executive tries to participate in a meeting and facilitate it at the same time, he or she is not fully available to contribute. Moreover, sometimes management must get away from the office minutia to make themselves available for higher priorities.

A well planned and facilitated meeting allows senior managers to do their best thinking and make decisions with clarity, commitment, and passion - making the difference between execution and exasperation!

As your impartial guide, John works with you to design and deliver an outstanding meeting that takes all of the people factors into account. He specializes in:

  • solving problems creatively,
  • exploring the context and issues surrounding change including possible resistances, cultural expectations, and communicating priorities.
  • integrating interactive and participatory elements, taking into account the participants' preferred learning and communication styles in a way that maximizes ownership, involvement, and results.

Utilize John’s skills at your next team gathering, off-site, or Board of Directors meeting. Your group will experience a focused session where everyone can participate, conflicts are resolved, decisions are made, and the next steps are defined.


  • Professional assistance in clarifying the agenda and facilitating senior management planning sessions either on site or off site.
  • Assurance that all attendees actively contribute in a positive manner that obtains maximum participation.
  • Professional resolution of potentially difficult group interaction situations.
  • Formalized written project plans capturing: responsibility assignments, resource requirements, expected results and timetables for all actionable items.
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