Philosophy and Mission//

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Our Philosophy

  • Life is dangerous.
  • We can deceive, disappoint, even destroy each other, or we can give, build, discover, and love
    - we cause real consequences.
  • We have the power to choose who we will be.
  • The choice to be comes with an awesome responsibility to look deep inside ourselves.
  • The burden of responsibility and fear of consequences persuades us we have no choice.
    While some of us cannot choose what we can do or where we will go, all of us can choose who we will be.
  • Our worth lies beneath what we do and have. At the core, our worth rests in who we are being to ourselves and for each other.
  • In choosing to be different, we do things differently.

Our Mission

The mission of Visionary Velocity Worldwide is to help you courageously:

  • voice the unexpressed
  • listen to the ignored
  • see the possibilities

These actions are necessary to make it happen!

We make visionaries.



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