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John in the hospital the first day after his birth. John holding a pen with his toes. John writing on a chalkboard with his feet.
John wearing prosthetic hooks and playing with his brothers. Pope Paul VI blessing John with a kiss, 1976. John's Senior high school photo, age 17.
John giving a painting lesson to kids at a day-care center. John exchanging rings with his new bride, Christine Fulbright Foppe. Pope John Paul II blessing John and Christine on their honeymoon, 2003.
Faith Teresa Foppe, daughter of John and Christine Foppe, seven months old. Play time with Dad. Christine, John and their daughter Faith.
John and Christine Foppe and their daughter Faith Teresa are pictured with Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican in early September. In an unexpected twist of events, the Foppes had the rare opportunity of having a personal visit with the Holy Father. He blessed each of them and gave them rosaries bearing the Papal Coat of Arms.    
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