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What’s John’s Speaking Fee?
John’s fees are based on factors such as needs assessment, research, and content development. Naturally, he has a sliding fee for companies and non-profit organizations.

Is John’s message humorous?
Indeed! John’s perspective for wit and humor is rare. Not having arms has put him in some strange, clumsy, and downright funny situations. As you can imagine, he gets hungry at receptions where only finger foods are served! He shares anecdotes like these, as well as other jokes, to help people feel comfortable and put their own challenges in perspective.

How long are John’s programs?
John will make his presentation fit your needs. He can deliver a keynote or half-day seminar. Typically a keynote lasts 45-75 minutes. He likes to allow some time for questions within this time frame. His half-day seminar involves lecture, group activity, individual reflection, and discussion. This program takes approximately three and a half hours.

What are John’s audio/visual and staging requirements?
When it comes to audio/visual and staging requirements, John finds it best to keep things simple. John only needs the following items:

  • Raised Stage or Platform
    (If more than 100 people)
  • Small Table & Chair on Stage
    (Front and Center)
  • Wireless, Clip-On Microphone
    (This is important and if it cannot be arranged, please let us know in advance.)
  • Pitcher of Water & Two Coffee Mugs
  • Can of Soda Pop
  • Small Towel or Wash Cloth
If John is delivering a seminar, he will also need a PowerPoint projector and screen.

May we audio or videotape John’s presentation?
For quality control and copyright concerns, John’s programs can only be recorded if we give advance approval. A taping fee is charged. Please contact us for more information.

Is John willing to be interviewed by the local media?
In order to help publicize your event, John is happy to visit with any media. Just call our office to schedule an interview time prior to your event. If a reporter wishes to interview John on the day of his speech, it works best for the reporter to first listen to John’s message and then interview him afterwards.

Does John need any special accommodations?
John and his wife, Christine, usually travel together. Christine is our on-site liaison with the meeting planner. She coordinates many behind the scenes logistics such as room set-up, product sales, etc. Consequently, we request that the client cover travel expenses for two people including two coach class plane tickets when flying domestically. If John travels alone, he requests first class seating because the extra room is helpful for John to eat and work with his feet. Usually, an upgrade can be purchased at a lower rate rather than a first class ticket.

Also, he prefers not to rent a car. He asks that someone pick him up at the airport or make some other type of transportation arrangements. John doesn’t mind taking a taxi or airport shuttle.

Lastly, while John appreciates the sensitivity to his condition, he does not require a handicap accessible hotel room.

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