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Being an Executor, Not an Executioner
How to Get Everything Done Without Destroying Anything

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel? The faster you go, the better you get, but better probably isn't enough, so you have to go even faster - an exhausting cycle.

Eventually, work falters. Enter the executioner! Managers crack down with tighter controls. When controlled workers feel they have no choice, they stop taking initiative. Workers also become executioners - slowly killing initiatives with inaction.

John explains how to break the cycle by showing people they can choose to be Executors. Making things happen becomes a way of life. Employees will learn how to be executors through:

  • Realizing three ways of:
    • paying attention
    • stating intentions
    • applying efforts.
  • Walking the "Ellipse," a specific set of practices which mobilize one to navigate problems and maintain the vision.
  • Understanding how 90% of making something happen involves making oneself available. John details five benchmarks for employees to measure their own availability for making things happen.

No more painstaking efforts to get people involved. Now, people get involved! When people choose to be Executors, turnover drops, innovation abounds, targets get hit.

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