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You Reap What You Sow
Harvesting Strong Business Execution Practices

When it comes to creating a culture of business execution, leading thinkers and visionary executives realize that employees need to make every practice an execution practice.

In this presentation, John defines execution practices and reveals how cultivating these practices positively impacts an organization’s culture.

John highlights the four root purposes of an execution practice and presents how our daily mindset influences the way we fulfill these purposes. He emphasizes the value of a "holistic" approach including every aspect of ourselves in the cultivation of execution practices. Moreover, he outlines how to integrate this holistic approach into our daily work.

In addition, John identifies the four basic functions of an execution practice. He explains how to design our daily practices to support the successful outcome of these functions and create a culture of execution. He reveals the 12 success factors that emerge when employees make every one of their daily practices into an execution practice.

Finally, John describes the productive affect strong execution practices have on the culture of the organization, and he explains how the presence of execution practices ultimately determines whether there is feast or famine.

  • When we approach our daily practices with a mindset of execution, we are more fulfilled.
  • When we design our daily practices so that they strategically achieve successful execution, we are more productive.
  • When we integrate execution success factors into our daily practices, the organization prospers.
  • When every practice is an execution practice, the entire organization harvests a culture of execution.
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