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"I have faced extreme hardship in my life, but I faced it as an able bodied man...I recommend [John Foppe’s work] to anyone who wants to take charge of life and be a survivor, not a victim."

Dith Pran,
Survivor of the Cambodian Holocaust,
Whose story inspired the 1984 Academy Award-winning film,
The Killing Fields

"...I have admired the way you have handled yourself and have spread your message to so many people. Each week, we try to win football games, but you are succeeding daily on a much higher level - you are winning the game of life, and your messages are helping so many others reach their potential as well. That is so much more important than any football game."

Jimmy Johnson
Former, Head Coach
Miami Dolphins

"If life is a struggle, you will learn from [John Foppe] that self-pity is corrosive of personality and must be rejected before it damages you spiritually."

Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
Archbishop of Chicago

"Encouraging, caring, informative, humorous, life-changer - all describe John Foppe the man. Invite him to address your group. You and your people will benefit in your business... I guarantee it."

Zig Ziglar
Author and Motivational Teacher

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